Cash and Carry Dispensing is the easiest and likely most popular form of dispensing today. In a cash and carry dispensing program, the practice will purchase medication wholesale and sell the medications to patients at a retail price. What price? That’s up to you! Typically, most practices sell the medications at an equivalent price to the patient’s copay. Most commercial copays range between $15 – $20 and the practice generally purchases the medication for less.

No insurance processing is involved, and patients pay at the point-of-care! No waiting for insurance reimbursements, submitting claims, dealing with rejects, or any other issues! Cash and carry pharmaceutical programs are better suited for practices that prescribe generic medications because of the high cost of branded medication. If your practice mostly writes prescriptions for branded medication, then a commercial claims processing program is likely a better option. Dispensing to workers compensation patients is also a good option if you are treating workers compensation patients.

Do you treat worker’s compensation patients?  If so, you can provide an easier and faster way for them to receive their needed medications and help them get on the road to recovery quicker.  Are you aware that up to 30% of patients never pick up their needed prescriptions at the pharmacy?

EZDispensing Program offers a way for patients to conveniently receive their medication from you with no out-of-pocket expense. Integrity Dispensing Program handles the billing and collections for your worker’s compensation patient dispensing minimizing the need for additional paperwork, staff, and overhead.

Commercial Insurance

Patients love getting their medication at their doctors’ office and many of our customers say it improves doctor-patient relationships.  Patients will no longer have to make embarrassing trips to the pharmacy asking unfamiliar staff for medication to treat their condition.

​Families with sick children are perfect candidates for this program because the last thing they want to do after leaving your office is make another trip to the pharmacy.  Save your patients time and money by helping them make one less trip to the pharmacy.

​In addition to cash and carry and worker’s compensation dispensing, Integrity Dispensing has the ability to contract and credential your practice to adjudicate claims just like a pharmacy.  Most practices today only process their patients’ health insurance benefits, not realizing they’re only capturing 50% of their patient’s total insurance benefits!

​Processing your patient’s pharmacy benefits is different than processing health insurance benefits.  Billing is performed at the time you electronically transmit the claim.  In less than one second you will receive an electronic message from the insurance company notifying you whether or not the claims was paid or denied.

​Upon being contracted and credentialed, you’ll be able to accept hundreds of pharmacy plans to serve many of your patients generic and brand medication needs.  Reimbursements vary depending on the pharmacy plan and medication.

Any balance owed by the pharmacy payor is typically paid to you 21-45 days from date of service.  Common issues when submitting health insurance claims are either reduced or eliminated since the claim is transmitted electronically with no paperwork

Many practices want to E-prescribe to their dispensary, just as they currently do for local pharmacies. With our program, you can easily E-prescribe to your own dispensary while satisfying “Meaningful Use Requirements.”  As an added benefit, the practice will be left with less paperwork and data entry for the staff saving time and money!