Credentialing & Contracting

  • Enrollment with obtaining in-office pharmacy license.
  • Credentialing with PBMs.
  • Appropriate & best vendor contracts negotiation for sourcing medications to be dispensed.


The Web based software that can be used to adjudicate in real time online with few steps.

  • Proprietary work flow management software provided by EZdispensing
  • Dispensing software
  • Reconciliation software


EZdispensing provides services on a daily basis to make your in-office pharmacy successful.

  • Inventory Management.
  • Pre screening of patients on the schedule to see which patients are eligible to receive which medication.
  • Prior Autorization.
  • Real-time Claim Adjudication.
  • Co-pay coupon cards processing.
  • Reconciliation.


Our experienced support staff is available 6 days a week can answer all of your questions over phone or email.

  • Communication with PBMs & Vendors.
  • Client Support.
  • Dispensing Software Assistance.
  • STAT Prior Authorization.

Many physicians think dispensing will take too much valuable time during the busy work day.  Often physicians are shocked to learn how simple and quick it is to dispense to patients and generate more revenue for the practice.  Frequently the process takes less than two minutes to properly dispense to patients allowing you to get them home quicker to rest, while simultaneously adding revenue to the practice.

​EZdispensing can significantly reduce the amount of time spent on prior authorizations allowing you and your staff to spend more time with patients.  On average physicians and their staff spend two hours a day of uncompensated time on phones waiting for prior authorizations and administrative duties!  That time now can be used to dispense medications to your patients.

Doctor Services:

  • Research and advise on any medication/class of medication you want to prescribe.
  • Provide biannual pain evaluations free of charge to the patients.
  • Establish and monitor federal/state recommended protocols for pain patients.
  • Implement and/or review pain questionnaires.
  • Assist in Enhancement and Construction of appropriate intake forms, questions and exam notes for chronic pain patients.
  • Discuss plan of care with you regarding the treatment of pain patients.